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My book is available for preorder on Amazon! The feeling of surrealism continues. You can order it on Amazon with a price guarantee.

victoria stopp
My nervous arm-grabbing habit while waiting for the microphone.

I flew in last night– meaning I had at least a dozen fits of anxiety over planes, crowds, and germs– and am still attempting to adjust to home after being in Maryland for three nights. My first authors’ panel went well, and it was an awesome feeling to be in front of a crowd with so many talented people on the panel and in the audience. Authors, authors, everywhere, as far as my eyes could see! I wasn’t ready for a microphone, but it wasn’t the worst thing, either. I’m not a natural bellower, so it helped me reach the folks in the back of the room. Not sure I’ll ever get used to the sound of my amplified voice, though. Nervousness aside, the panel was a great experience and both humbling and empowering.

The next morning, I helped teach a two-hour workshop on truth in nonfiction writing. It was quite different than what I’m used to teaching (health sciences), and I wasn’t sad to learn the video camera didn’t record my presentation properly. Teaching the workshop was a lot of fun though, and I would love for more panels and workshops to show up in my future. I learned more in three days than I often do in many months.

The only challenging part of the weekend was dealing with health issues. No matter how long I’ve been sick and hurt, I just can’t get used to the idea of not having a well-functioning body. My back was irate after the flights to Baltimore, and I slept maybe 2 hours the first night in the hotel room– both hours on a bath towel on the floor with my legs propped in a chair. Exhaustion and pain are normal, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever stop entertaining the thought that I might feel better one day.

I’m now balancing the transition back to my everyday life with the transition into being an author. I have most of this week off from non-writing work, but I’m sure Friday’s scheduled all-day shift in healthcare will be very strange from an emotional standpoint (but it’ll pay some bills).

The theme that continuously emerges throughout my experience with being an author is “grateful.” Because I am. Every day. So thanks, y’all, for helping make this happen for me.

victoria stopp
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