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victoria stopp restoration row
An illustration of me, my episode listing, and a photo of Megan Dunlop recording for Restoration Row.

I was interviewed by Uzochukwu Chima, the CEO of Kaigo Health, for a new podcast called Restoration Row. He hired an actress to do a reading from my book! I haven’t met Megan Dunlop in person, but she did an awesome job, and now we’re internet buddies. She’s incredibly talented and I’m flattered to be in her professional sphere. Also, I can now say someone’s done an illustration representing my book and me, which is another little piece of awesome.

When I first got my book contract, podcasts were mostly foreign to me. I tend to prefer silence above sound, so the times that some people might listen to podcasts– long hikes, long runs, road trips– I’m usually happily plugging along in silence. I still love quiet, but I’m also (finally) catching up with the times and getting interested in podcasts. There are so many good ones out there, and on almost every subject imaginable.

Restoration Row produces a new, inspiring episode every week. You can find them on Stitcher or iTunes.

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