Thank You

victoria stopp
Signing books for readers is my new favorite thing.

This post is a thank-you note to everybody who’s bought or will buy my books.

Thank you to every person who’s bought or will buy one of my books in person. You took time out of your life to come to an event, sit quietly for a reading, or take a break from a party to talk with me and buy my book. I already knew some of you, but that doesn’t make your book purchase any less important to me. I feel even more thankful to have friends and acquaintances who’re willing to pay for my work. I didn’t meet some of you until you bought a book, and it’s humbling and awesome that you chose to spend your time and money on my book. It’s an honor to sign each and every copy.

Online and store purchasers deserve special appreciation, too. You chose my book out of the millions available, put it in your cart, and made it your own. Your purchase helps my book get noticed by algorithms and readers alike, which is super important for success. I may never get to sign your books, but I hope I do one day at an event near you.

Thanks, y’all, for real. Without readers, my career would be a hobby, and I already have too many hobbies.


  1. Cheryl Graham

    I saw your interview with Jeff Weeks which inspired me to check out your web page. Thank you for writing your book I can’t wait to read it. I also live in constant pain and have no life because of it. I am hoping that by reading your book, I will be able to find a way to get my life back.

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