I’m Featured by Out Magazine!

victoria stopp out magazine
Screenshot of the Out Magazine coverage of my book.

My friends and I read Out Magazine when we were teenagers. The articles about people like us helped show us that if we could be patient enough to get a little older, we might be able to live our lives in relative peace. We felt connected to the people featured and scoured every article and photo for anything that might help us feel normal. That history made my interview with Out even sweeter than simple excitement about press coverage for my book. It was like coming home, in a way, or coming full circle, or some such apt cliche like that. I haven’t settled on the right words, so I’ll just stop here for now: it was awesome.

I haven’t yet gotten any updated analytics to tell me if Out’s article has helped with sales, but I’m sure it will as time passes and the article stays up day after day and eventually leaves their landing page but stays accessible in one of their section pages. Selling books is a lot easier if people actually know the books exist, but man, what a ride to get the word out to potential readers. The marketing and publicity is much more complicated than the writing itself, and I’m so glad my groundwork is starting to reap benefits in the form of press coverage.

Click here if you want to read the article in Out (side note: the Out reporter was a great guy, which makes every interview more fun). Merry Christmas Eve, y’all.

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