A Book Deadline and a Horoscope

Uncanny, but isn’t that what everybody always says? Maybe everybody’s right?

I’m not much of a horoscope reader, but the weekend after my book was due, I was depressed and listless and uneasy about my professional future. The Sunday paper displayed yet another crossword for which I knew maybe 1/90th of the answers, and above it, Holiday Mathis’s take on my future caught my eye. Under Scorpio, she said this: When you know where to go next, you will. So stop worrying about “what’s next, what’s next?” and focus on closing the loops you already started. Finish (or otherwise end) the book, the course, the commitment.

Finish the book? For real? I’d just done exactly that, but not really, because the editor still needs to offer his take and ask for his changes. I couldn’t believe Mathis’s accuracy, like she knew that I was worried about the future and that I needed to close my open loops. She might’ve been using “finish the book” as a figure of speech, but she said exactly what I needed to hear, and I’m grateful to her for that. Sometimes, comfort is where I find it, even if unexpected.

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